Why This Is A Perfect Time To Make A Job Change

Are you craving a career change? Here are some compelling reasons why this is the ideal time to take the leap.
Why This Is A Perfect Time To Make A Job Change

The thought of a job change during these times can seem scary. Yet, if you are one of the millions of people who have experienced a COVID-related layoff, you are probably doing some serious soul searching. Workers don’t want to settle for just any position anymore. Most job seekers are asking themselves, “What do I really want out of my next role?” Creativity, flexibility and fulfillment are at the top of the list. People want to do work that they enjoy and are looking for organizations whose values are aligned with their own. If you crave a major job change, here are some compelling reasons why this is a perfect time.

Location is virtually irrelevant

While some companies used to offer the ability to work from home as a perk, it is now the norm for most businesses. That means that geography is no longer a barrier to opportunity. Having to stay in a particular city or even within a designated commuting distance forced workers to ignore certain roles. Not anymore. Now you can work for anybody from anywhere. In a recent statement, Laura Spawn, the CEO of Virtual Vocations, shared that, “Last year, we witnessed unprecedented growth not only in the availability of remote jobs but also in the number of employers who adjusted and expanded their business models to include in-demand, flexible job options and opportunities to work from home on a full-time or part-time basis throughout the U.S.” So if you want to make a job change, the employers named in Virtual Vocations’ most recent list of top 100 companies for remote jobs will be ones to watch.

You have greater autonomy

With most employees working remotely, there is increased autonomy and empowerment. You have more control over your schedule and can work at your own pace. Without that nasty daily commute, you have additional time to focus on career development activities like webinars, virtual conferences and online classes. Working from home is also the perfect environment to network. Let’s face it—it’s much easier to form a virtual connection from the comfort of your own home without having your boss looking over your shoulder.

Many businesses are thriving

While news headlines are dominated by businesses shutting their doors, many companies have seen an uptick in demand. Cleaning and delivery services, grocery stores and fitness equipment manufacturers are prime examples. One exercise equipment company, Peloton, has seen such a surge in orders that it can’t keep up. Several franchises are also thriving during the pandemic, with the most notable including 7-Eleven, Domino’s and Servpro. Servpro, one of the largest franchisers of cleaning and restoration services in the U.S., rolled out targeted solutions to help businesses and individuals battle coronavirus. The company announced that it expected to earn as much as $300 million in sales from coronavirus-related cleaning services in 2020.

Adaptability is in demand

More than ever, businesses must embrace change to remain relevant. That makes adaptability a top skill companies are seeking, even beyond qualifications and experience. In a recent Deloitte survey completed by more than 3,600 executives, 72% identified their people’s ability to adapt, reskill, and assume new roles as what is most needed to navigate the future. But only 17% said their workforce is ready to do so—making adaptability even more in demand. Highly versatile employees are better equipped to take on new tasks, learn about cutting-edge technology and develop new proficiencies. Not only that, but a research paper published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services reported that more adaptable people tend to have greater job satisfaction. The study also showed a positive correlation between job performance and adaptability over the long term.

A job applicant who is willing to embrace risk is an asset in these uncertain times. And employers recognize that new hires from different backgrounds can bring a unique perspective. Take advantage of the opportunity to reinvent yourself. The time for job change is now if you are willing to embrace it.

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