Client Testimonials

I never worked with a coach before, but I knew I needed help to determine what was next in my career.  I’m very happy I found Caroline. Through activities and engaging conversations, she helped me gain clarity about what I wanted next and helped me frame an actionable plan which has given me the courage to take the necessary steps to attain it. I felt constantly supported and challenged and always looked forward to our sessions as a source of energy, direction and inspiration.  


Melva B.

Irvine, CA

I have made big purchases in the past, but I needed to look at this experience as an investment in myself. That change in thought not only improved my outlook on the process but also helped me to think outside the box during my coaching journey. Caroline was an amazing career coach from beginning to end. Through different assessments, guided practices and general coaching, I was able to truly find my unique voice. She was encouraging, supportive, engaged and thoughtful. I left the experience with complete positivity about my career steps moving forward. If you’re looking for a life altering change and you’re willing to do the work, don’t hesitate to reach out to Caroline. She will “home in” on what works best for you and guide you through the coaching journey with incredible optimism.


Dakia A.

Washington D.C.

When I reached out to Caroline, I was struggling with knowing what my purpose was in my career. Through our work together, I was able to truly understand what I enjoy, what I am passionate about, and what I am good at. She also helped me explore different career options, gave me resources to conduct informational interviews, and provided material that helped me identify and decide on the career I needed to move forward with. After I found my path, Caroline continued to assist me by providing me with research, contacts, and many other tools and resources for my success. I am now far along in the application process and have never been more excited. I would recommend Caroline because she is incredibly genuine, focused, skilled, and determined to find your perfect career. I have never worked with anyone who made me feel like I was her only client and was so personally invested in my success. If you are struggling in your current position and need help finding what you were meant to do, contact Caroline. You won’t be disappointed.


Matthew M.

Spokane, WA

When I first met Caroline, I was struggling with limiting beliefs. Through working with her I was able to identify the areas where I was holding myself back and find a career path that was more in line with my skills, values and abilities. During a pandemic, I successfully applied, interviewed for, and accepted a position with a prestigious consulting firm. She was with me every step of the way providing guidance and mentorship. I would recommend Caroline to anyone who is in their own way and needs an objective expert to be in their corner, challenge them, and help them recognize their potential!


chris P.

Washington D.C.

Caroline was fabulous to work with. When I approached her, my goal was to create a personal branding strategy in order to attract investors to my startup. She helped me create a messaging framework that resonates well with investors and provided a structured process that resulted in substantial fundraising results in just a few months.


Nat R. 

Denver, CO

The experience I had working with Caroline was incredibly uplifting and unlike any I’ve had before. We quickly built a rapport and her unique approach to truly getting to know me, my passions, my needs and my drivers of happiness made all the difference. We took a very collaborative approach to actualize a substantive deliverable now further defining my livelihood in a way that embodies my experiences and skills. I highly recommend Caroline!


Stephen M.

New York, NY

For months, I researched coaches. Caroline is refreshingly different. She lived the corporate life and made a successful transition to starting her own business, so she understands the mental obstacles that surface when it’s time to make a career change. Her professional experience plus her tailored approach helped me recognize and tackle the thoughts and feelings that were holding me back. I am so happy I found Caroline and took the plunge to work with her. She is well worth the investment!


Amanda T.

Savannah, GA

I came across Caroline at a point in my life in which I started feeling a strong desire to build my own business and create something meaningful. I didn’t know how or exactly what I wanted to do, though. Caroline helped me clarify my needs, organize my thoughts and get the courage to start acting on a project that I truly enjoy. As a coach, she transmits great energy and allows you to move from thoughts to action. With her support, I managed not only to define what I wanted to do but to get the courage to actually start doing it.

Gabriela W

Gabriela W.

Geneva, Switzerland

 After 20 successful years in an “accidental” career, I knew it was time to actually choose my work rather than simply continue in the career I found myself in. However, I needed to get unstuck. When Caroline began coaching me, I had a burning desire to simply NOT do that job anymore. I had ideas of what I wanted to do, but couldn’t understand how (or make myself believe) that any of them could work. I questioned and doubted everything and ended up in a mental spin that kept me stuck firmly in place. Throughout our coaching sessions, Caroline helped me to see facets of myself in a different light, and helped me to view my opportunities through a lens of real possibility rather than constant doubt. Caroline helped me to craft a tangible, actionable plan for starting over as a solopreneur in a completely different and fulfilling field.

Jenna W.

Chicago, Illinois

After several months of disengagement with my current job, I decided it was a time to do something about it. Connecting with Caroline was the first step in changing my situation. I had never worked with a coach before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Caroline made the process a powerful and impactful experience – something I looked forward to each week. She asked thought provoking questions that caused me to examine my current and past approaches and helped me to realize a path forward that felt right for me. If you are looking for a coach who will support you through your journey and hold you accountable to your goals, all while having fun, then Caroline is the coach for you!

Kim S.

Houston, TX

I am an entrepreneur who had difficulty figuring out how to design a fulfilling career. Caroline helped me design my career by taking into account my skills, values, past experiences, dreams, and energy assessment. I loved doing the energy leadership assessment with Caroline. It completely changed my understanding of energy and how it affects what you are able to do and be. In our sessions, Caroline guided me with thought-provoking questions, exercises, and visualizations to help me see myself and my dream career more clearly. Her calm, thoughtful, and wise demeanor makes her a pleasure to work with. Caroline draws upon her excellent coaching training and her successful career to be able to strategically coach you to navigate the business world and build your dream.


Melissa H.

New York, NY

There aren’t enough words or space to write about a truly amazing experience, but I will try my best! Caroline and I worked over 3 months and each session I would have a powerful insight or even full blown AHA! moment. She is patient and understanding and her professionalism always ensured a level of confidentiality that truly allowed me to open up about the things I wanted to work on most. Thank you for a truly enlightening experience!


Rhonda H.

Bay St. Louis, MS

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