Marrying high-end audio & luxury fashion

How do we reintroduce a legendary audio brand, with a new sub-brand, in the context of personalization and style? We created a product experience to introduce Pryma as the premiere brand

Giving fans the rock star treatment

How do you give fans a taste of the rock star lifestyle? To build awareness for MiO Liquid Water Enhancers among club-goers, we built an interactive music video in which fans guide renowned DJ

Visualizing the power of sound

How do we make something as intangible as sound feel more real? To demonstrate the elegance and explosiveness World of Macintosh’s (WOM) exceptional line of audio products, we created a

Rethinking the gift of music

Twenty years ago, a record album was the perfect present. How can the world’s largest music company bring back that magic in the streaming era? Through a brand-new product that combines the