Unifying a brand identity and experience

Our overhaul of Gilt Groupe created a cohesive experience of the brand, from its visual identity to its online user experience and e-commerce engagement.
Throughout our long and close collaboration with Gilt Groupe, we created a more perfect and profitable shopping experience. With this in mind, we undertook a vast re-branding exercise, to create a unified identity that encompassed several online properties, brand identities, packaging, and collateral.
On the site, we streamlined the navigation to make it easier to browse between full-priced and discounted items and filter items by category, brand, and collection. We introduced new content types, such as advice from top designers, to entice shoppers to visit the site more often and stay longer. Last but not least, we redesigned the site – with a strong focus on the Home and Kids categories – to present products and content alike in their best light.
Gilt Groupe has moved from an uneven collection of properties, identities, and sites, to a fluid brand experience. Today, no matter how customers come into contact with the brand, their experience is as consistently enjoyable as the luxurious goods this retailer sells.