Cavalier challenge

As part of Your Majesty’s R&D practice, we launched a platform combining the very latest in digital technology with the original aesthetic we’re known for.
Posture & Balance is the first challenge in a series of games for Cavalier, our proprietary platform for experimental experiences. Built on the latest web technologies, including WebGL, SVG animation and 3D WebAudio, Your Majesty uses this platform to create immersive experiences in a way that encourages R&D and experimentation.
It inspires our team to innovate and learn new skills that foster client relationships and personal growth and encourages digital exploration. Since 2006, Your Majesty has been on the forefront of digital technology and groundbreaking design. While design in many places has become a commodity, we believe that synergy between design and technology truly creates a unique experience. Our love for art & craft often sets us apart from our competition.